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Now This Is Coffee Love! Tweet-a-Pot

Cuisinart DCC-1100BK 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black
Cuisinart DCC-1100 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
I know their are some people who really loves their coffee and even better yet, a hot cup of coffee when they get home.

I was on Youtube and I came across this video call Tweet-a-Pot. Well, I thought this was funny that a man would hook up his Twitter account to start his coffee pot before he gets home.

This is coffee love at its best. Although, I think a coffee maker with a timer would work just as well. But then, thats just me.

You have to see it to beleave it.

I would love to know your thoughts on this one. Do you think that this is a bit much? Or someone who just loves their way of making coffee and their special blend and wants it ready as soon as they hit their door at home.

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